Fort Barachel Foundation

Where: 130 N. West Crown Point Road Winter Garden, FL

Our Mission

Creating a safe place to Ride, Climb, Belong & Serve!

FortB. wants to give each Student-Athlete a chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

We Strongly desire to create a positive culture into the Action Sports Community by offering a safe place to hear about God’s gift of love, forgiveness and plan for their lives’.

FortB. offers monthly “Special OPS” to engage and impact our local community. Learning to 

 “Putting Others Above Ourselves”!

We have a partnership with our Fort Barachel Burundi National Leadership Team.

Burundi has a population of over 12 million and the average age is 19. 

Nearly 75% of Burundians’ live below the poverty line.

The FortB. Burundi Team is making an impact and delivering hope to Burundi, Africa.

 Local Friday Night Open Ride & Devo. w/ PaPa Neal

5:15p-7:15p 12 yrs old and younger

7:30p-9p 13yrs old and older

** For Private 2 Hr. Sessions or Birthday Parties…

 Contact PaPa Neal @ 321.689.2617

Picture above of Devo. with PaPa Neal

FortB. is a safe place to ride Scooters, Skateboards, BMX bikes and Climb the Rockwall. 

We partner with families to raise their student-athletes

by providing family-life coaching, mentorship and a opportunity to serve together.

“Everyday” we  are challenged to grow deeper in our commitment with God and Serve Others by

Living open-handed with our time, talent and treasure.

FortB. offers Monthly Local Projects called “Special OPS” for our community.

July “Special Ops”  Field Team

Aug. “Special Ops” Field Team

FortB. desires to engaging with our Global  Partners Around the World by Praying, Giving or Going!

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In Spring of 2019: FortB. Dedicated the First Skate Ramp @ the Discovery School- Burundi, Africa

FortB’s. Annual Mission Trip to Burundi is performed with a team of Extreme Pogo, BMX, and Skateboard Riders.

Extreme Pogo:Superman (above) and BMX jump over volunteers (below)! Performed by COLT FAKE

Skateboarder Kyle Brush (below)

is teaching Gift how to Drop-In on the newly built Skate Ramp.

God is @ work all around us and we get to be a small part of HIStory!

Come and Find Your Place in God’s Story!!!

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501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization

Friday Night Open Ride and Devo w/ PaPa Neal

5:15p-7:15p 12 and Under

7:30p- 9p 13 and Up

Where: 130 N. West Crown Point Road Winter Garden, FL

John 14:6