Fort Barachel Foundation

501(c)3 Corporation
Formerly: Barachel Bike and Skate
Established Spring of 2008

Founders Tim and Joyce Fake

Why Barachel? Barachel means “ whom God has blessed”. God put on their hearts to reach out to our “ Extreme Sports” ever since their kids became active in the action sports culture. In the early 60’s Tim’s father started a camp in Eastern Pennsylvania for inner city youth called Camp Barachel. His father would take youth groups and councilors to camp in the mountains to experience nature while witnessing to them about Jesus.

Ex. Director/Chaplin

Johnnie Neal sereves as the Ex. Director/Chaplin of Fort Barachel Foundation. Johnne comes to us with a passion to see everyone find their place in God’s story. He has served in full-time ministry for over 30 years. Using his passion for God/People/Sports he wants to do whatever means it takes to present God’s Hope, Forgivness and Grace that is avalible “FOR ALL, But Not Automatic”.

Our Desire

What better way to continue what Tim’s father started than reach into a culture whose reputation sometimes keep the kids from hearing the gospel? Fort Barachel Foundation wants to open that door, allowing a passage way to break the stereo typical reputation of action sports. Our passion and desire is to show these youth at an early age how much God loves them and if they believe in him, he will come into their heart and save them. There are so many evil distractions in our children’s lives at school, in their neighborhoods, and even sometimes in their own homes. Fort Barachel wants to be a light in the darkness.

Global Partnerships

Our Global Partnership began 2011, as God openned a door for us to build a Ride Park, in Guetemala City, for their biker’s/skater’s. We hope soon we can expand this opportunity to other countries. At the end of 2016, we began expanding our Global Partnerships, adding our first global partnership is in Burundi, Africa. Our Director is Yves Frank Irakoze, who shares a passion to reach the youth of Burundi. Over 65% of the country is under the age of 24 and there is a great need for hope, and God’s compassion to be shared. Using sports outreach and a willingess to go where the youth are, he has already shared his excitment of seeing God move! More details to be shared on how you can partner with us in Burundi. In 2017, one of our young adult’s, Tristin Strange, is moving to Australia (Somebody has to do it!!). Please Pray for the Skate Ministry where he will serve, reaching into the world of Extreme Sports.

Our Future

Having a safe place for families to go ride bike, skateboard, or whatever, is a huge deal. The future of
Fort Barachel Foundation is to continue to help support the comunity and eventually grow into a full
size bike/skate park with…

  • Concert staging
  • Rock Walls
  • Training rooms
  • Family arcade fun center
  • Paintball Area
  • Retail shop and boutique
  • A weekly camp with kids coming from all over the world to ride and learn about Jesus, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

With your help and support, Fort Barachel Foundation will continue to grow and see many student athletes and young adult lives changed. If you would like to show your support or make a donation, use the Support/Donation link below. We greatly appreciate your help and all donations are tax deductible. –Thank You