Up: the point of going “Up” is our daily relationship with God and hearing from Him!

Jesus knew His purpose! He was focused and extremely intentional about how He spent His time and who He spent His time with.  He touched many people in deep and lasting ways. His ministry engaged the world in many different ways and because of that, His influence spread.  As we look as His life, we see Jesus focused on deepening His relationship with God through times of prayer. This is Up!

Jesus said in John 5:19 “I tell you that the Son can do nothing by Himself; because whatever the Father does the Son also does.” Jesus knew the way to have a fruitful life was to only do what He heard God tell Him.  All the miracles, all of the effective teachings and all of the decisions He made were inspired. Jesus was fully human and it’s easy to forget He had no more access to God than we have. When we spend quality time with our Father, like Jesus, we have access to receiving from Him.

We can’t know someone from a short conversation every now and then. We have to live with Him which looks like inviting Him into all areas of our life. We can’t compartmentalize our faith.  God has to be present in all of it.  As we share all areas of our life with Him, we begin to see Him work.  Through His word and revelation from the Spirit of the Living God, we learn His true character and calling on our lives. As we know Him, we begin to know what’s in line with His heart and what isn’t.  We begin to feel and believe how deeply He cares for us.