FortB. desire to engage with Global  Partners Around the World by Praying, Giving or Going!

We have a partnership with our Fort Barachel Burundi National Leadership Team.  https://fortbburundi.org/

Burundi has a population of over 12 million and the average age is 19. 

Nearly 75% of Burundians live below the poverty line.


In Spring of 2019: FortB. Dedicated the First Skate Ramp @ the Discovery School- Burundi, Africa

FortB’s. Annual Mission Trip to Burundi is performed with a team of Extreme Pogo, BMX, and Skateboard Riders.

Extreme Pogo: Superman (above) and BMX jump-over volunteers (below)! Performed by COLT FAKE

Skateboarder Kyle Brush (below) https://www.truthskatechurch.com/

is teaching Gift how to Drop-In on the newly built Skate Ramp.